Merry Moose Childcare and Preschool LLC

Providing quality care since 1998
in Central Minnesota


Merry Moose Childcare and Preschool provides learning experiences for children of all ages that are developmentally appropriate and geared to the MN Early Childhood Indicators of Progress. We strike a balance between teacher lead learning activities and child lead activities. Children will be encouraged to participate in activities that stimulate gross motor (large muscle) and fine motor (small muscle) development. We will provide opportunities for children to explore language, music, art, pretend play, imaginative play and manipulatives. Children will be going outside, weather permitting, on a daily basis for free play and some structured activities. Children learn at different rates and in different ways. At Merry Moose Childcare and Preschool, we encourage the process versus praise the result. Our Professional Childcare Team takes the time to know and understand your child so that we can create unique activities for them.

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Merry Moose Childcare and Preschool considers caring for your children an extension of your care from home. The staff as well as facility fulfills all the qualifications of Rule 3 set forth by the Department of Human Services of the State of Minnesota. By adhering to and exceeding the expectations of State of Minnesota DHS, through building relationships with families, we are excited to enter the endeavor of co-parenting your child. Here at Merry Moose Childcare and Preschool and Merry Moose Childcare Infant Center, we believe it takes a village to raise a child. We hope you will be a part of ours!

Rockville  Location-
157 Broadway Street East 

Ages 16 months-6 years 
Openings Available in Fall of 2020.
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Rockville Infant Center-
164 Broadway Street East

Ages 6 weeks-18 months
Openings Available in Fall of 2020.
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Richmond Location-
19693 Hwy 23

Ages 6 weeks-6 years

Openings Available in Preschool Program.

Please call to be added to Infant and Toddler wait list.

Call to secure your child's future.